Whos t i dating

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Whos t i dating

It is terrific fodder for the US tabloids, which have not been particularly kind to either side.Even if the Sultan is dropped from the list of defendants, Miss Marketic may still pursue her case against the Kaliber Talent Agency, which, she alleges, procured girls from across the US.

There are two prevailing views on Shannon Marketic.

Instead, this devout Christian girl from Malibu is suing for "mental anguish, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, other trauma".

Though she never claims to have met the Sultan or his brother, she was allegedly forced to be a private dancer in his palace grounds, and did not like it one bit.

At the bottom end of the entertainment food chain, there are those that openly cater to the porn industry, like the World Modeling Talent Agency in the San Fernando Valley, or Pretty Girls Inc in Hollywood.

Most tell stories of girls who have gone to the Far and Middle East, even Brunei, but furnish few particulars.

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