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I work best with text written to be read by a reader with about a grade 11 to 12 education Credentials: The Jade force series, and The Reset Manifesto by Lazlo Zalezac, 9.08; Convergence by Misguided Child 8.77; Gateway - What Lies Beyond by The Blind Man,8.40; Winds of Change by The Scot, 8.30; Invasion By 2 Flags, 8.26 Prefers: Plot and character driven stories are what I like. I am reserving the "Te Nder Loin" name for "No Sex" and "Minimal Sex". If using other than US English spelling, let me know.A bit of sex is fine, as long as it is part of the plot. Comments: Australian, male, born 1953, ex defense force, I have a B/Sc. Some French, German, Czech, and Arabic, if those are of any use to you.I finished editing for an Author and I am free until he gives me more work. I am very good at finding wrong words, missing letters, weird sentences, etc. Just let me know your preferences and we will go from there! Credentials: I am an author with several stories on SOL and I have assisted to edit for several others.Feedback to my 1st Author: "Good writing that is very engaging, and your editor / proofreader seems to have done an excellent job." I finished my 1st e Book and am now uploading it. and I believe a lot of low scores I see are due to poor or no editing breaking the flow of your stories. I am retired and have assisted Dual_Writer with a list of characters for his Florida Friends and some of his earlier work. Prefers: As I come to the end of my year of 69, and reach my seventieth birthday today, April 14th, 2009, I have decided to cut back on my editing.

I have many years working in the trucking industry, as an over the road driver and a fleet owner.

while doing this I've edited the stories as well, sometimes for grammer, spelling, and sometimes for readability.... As a young officer I was injured in a firefight some 15 years ago luckily escaped with only a little limp due to a nerve injury and have seen lots of action. My goal is to make you a better writer as well as Credentials: Married (50 yrs.),blue coller male,70 yr. Willing to build a relationship as an editor then maybe do some fledgling attempts as a writer.

Like, Woodmanone, Aubie56, SWmohermit, DGhear, Justplainbob, Howard Faxon, Curious2c,many others of that type Credentials: I am a Professor of Education at a London based University; I teach and Examine Creative Writing at MA, and Philosophy to Ph D levels.

Comments: I generally prefer doing developmental or story/"big picture" editing more than I do doing basic copyediting/proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Of course I'll correct those things where I find them, but my preference is to focus my editing energy on your overall story, looking at its plot, flow, continuity, character development, pacing, readability, and other such issues.

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