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Flashy camera cuts accompany their first bedroom tryst, which is wild and erotically charged.

Later they lay in bed, faces in Bergman-esque closeup, conversing in long unbroken camera takes. Look for a beautifully written, and acted, scene where Tyler describes last night's trick and Marcus asks that they not talk about the other men they see.

Right Now."Marcus falls for another waiter, Tyler - a former model who, when it comes to commitment, is cut from the same mold as Brian on Queer as Folk.

Marcus and Tyler fall into bed together and discover that each has different views about what their relationship is.

At the end of the episode, the two romance seekers decide whether or not to move forward with their prospective love matches.

There’s naked dining, naked swimming, naked horseback riding and even naked elimination ceremonies (there’s nothing quite like being rejected while naked on national television).

Oh, and lesbians." The more subdued Peter is saving himself while searching the internet for the right man.

It was also nice to see a short scene set in a leather bar that wasn't played for laughs for a change. That comes in every shape, size, religion, sexuality, gender and COLOR! All races have good, bad, rich, poor, kind, cruel, loving, hateful, selfless and selfish people in this world—God makes all kind of people. If you want or feel like discriminating, discriminate against STUPIDITY and EVIL!Marcus (director/writer/star Casper Andreas) breaks up with his lover of four years after he finds him naked in their bedroom with another man.His friend, Marilyn, gets him a job at a Chelsea restaurant where his fellow waiters all have their own ideas about dating and monogamy.

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