Phor and kat dating site

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Phor and kat dating site

Later, at a 9 Mag party, Phor’s girlfriend confronts Kat about her attitude.

Watch “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” Season 2 Episode 8 Here: About the show: Back to the business and hustle at 9Mag, the notorious tattoo shop in the heart of Chicago, season two follows the crew as they are faced with huge changes in their personal lives and even bigger changes in the shop that once brought them all together.

This season welcomes back series regulars Ryan, Kat, Phor, Charmaine, Don, Van, and Danielle, along with new tattoo artists Cobra Kat and Junior Diaz.

Competition in the shop is on the rise and 9Mag is faced with more threats than ever as ego and tensions within the group cause loyalty to be tested.

The crew throws Kat a surprise birthday party at 9Mag behind Ryan's back.

JR goes ham when Lily brings the guy she cheated on him with to the shop. Cobra is faced with a tough decision when Phor tells her the truth about Velvet; Lily attempts to reunite with the sisters she hasn't seen since her father's murder; Kat decides it's time Rachel knows the truth. The crew heads to Mexico for fun, sun and tequila; tensions rise when Kat arrives at the villa unannounced; Ryan loses his cool when Lily crosses a line; Kat reveals a shocking secret; and Nikki flies off the handle.

Season 3, Episode 12October 25, 2017Ryan is devastated when an injury prevents him from tatting his childhood idols; Charmaine tries to persuade Cobra to stay at 9Mag; Jenn's inadvertent nip slip sends Van over the edge; and there's a photo shoot for a major tattoo magazine.

Season 3, Episode 17November 29, 2017Ryan blows up after his staff betray him; Neek accepts a project in Africa, so Charmaine goes to extreme lengths to keep him in Chicago; Lily hooks up with another 9Mag tattoo artist; and Don's world is turned upside down.It chronicles the daily operations and staff drama at an African American owned and operated tattoo shop 9MAG located in Chicago, Illinois.Don moves up his wedding date in light of his looming jail sentence, Kat’s first art show goes south when Phor shows up with a date, and Van reveals to his girlfriend that he’s not a monogamist.Has Kat officially had it with the men of 9Mag trying to walk all over her?Find out on an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Monday at 9/8c!

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