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The photo on this page is of the George Wash- ington statue located in the University Yard.Soni,i Zamborjsky Top Left: Freshmen Rachel Mersky and Sandra West in Thurston 527 Top Right: Shari Kramer, Marla Fayson, Liz Kaufman, and Robin Mishkin ice skating on the mall Bottom Left: Mazen Makarem enjoys the warm sun away from the 24 hour study lounge at Gelman Mufojb Akhruukh 1 GW Life The National Zoological Park Mohab Akhnoukh Adam Wenwt Mohab Akhnaukh Mohiib Akhnoukh Motub ALbixiukk The Nation u Zoo Werner \ \j l fy£ i 7 t; J 1 f \ 1 11/ S' I f&XW !International Week sponsored by the 15$ took place during the second week of April.A host of activities, speakers, concerts, and food bazaars marked some of the activities. 32 Student Organizations 56 Spotlight 96 Sports 138 Greeks 180 Seniors 216 Babies 284 Patrons & Ads.

GW Life 11 Campus and The Nation's Capital Mohah Aklmoukh Moliab Akhmuikh Diana Restrepo, Yasmine Draoui, Sonia Vaid, Ramona Farid, Sonia Kurish, Saba Medhane, Farnoosh Shahrokhi, Nelofar Anwar and Parissa Shahin Korangy, Anthony Pineda, Faith I iadithy, and Donald Siriani enjoy a nice spring day on the Marvin terrace. Angulo Bret Caldwell and Mohab Akhnoukh display the new Cherry Tree sweatshirts I v i me Rosenblatt and Dana 1 ’aimer, pose with the Theta Tau sweatshirts and the anchor built bv the Gamma Beta chapter of Theta Tan for the Delta Gamma Anchor Splash fund raiser Art^u Jo Karen Olson and Matthew I aschne/ Heude uvvkl ihvir shadows in the Marvin Center Campus and The N ation'- Capit m 15 This eighty-fifth edition of O / /: CH /, R R Y TR I E is the ninety- fifth v ca rbc Hik of t he C ieo rgc Wa sh i ng t on U n i versi ty .As usual, the week's grand finale was the embassy dinner.This Sixtieth anniversary din- ner celebration attracted over five hundred people, an at- tribute to the success for all those who had planned, and organized it.Bottom Right: Fireworks at one of three locations where the return of the "Desert Storm" heroes was celebrated.Adam Werner Muhab Akhnnukh 10 Around GW Members of the student Leadership team awaiting the elections' results at George's, standing from left to right: Christopher Ferguson (Residence Hall Association), Kimberly Andie (Governing Board), Mohab Akhnoukh (The Cherry T ree), Kyle Farmbry (The Student Association), and Bret Caldwell (Program Board). Adam Werner prepare themselv es fora great Halloween night in DC Mohab Akhnoukh GW students take a stroll beneath the blossoming Cherry Trees on a beautiful spring day.

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A display of some of Africa's most colorfully vibrant outfits earned this group of stu- dents a loud round of applause.

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