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However, she still makes an effort to hide her real name, saying that previous news reports have resulted in a barrage of cyber-bullying.

“In the past, I’ve been a firm believer in the motto ‘sex work is work,’” she says.

A solid chunk of her income comes from this side job – in the past nine months, she has made at least HK,000 from compensated dating.

Late one night, after a friend in the industry briefed her on legal issues and gave her tips on how to please a client, she decided she wanted in.At the very beginning, she decided to be open about her work rather than be cowed by stigma.Now her Facebook page – captioned “Be a slut and do whatever you want” – has over 9,000 followers, and she has been featured in several Chinese-language news outlets.For instance, Section 137 of the Crimes Ordinance forbids reliance on the income of another person’s sex work.This law seems reasonable – preventing pimps from operating – until you consider its implications.

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“If there is no more stigmatisation or discrimination, we believe the government may be more willing to do something for sex workers,” she says.